Jonas Lukasczyk

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Jonas Lukasczyk, Xing Liang, Wei Luo, Eric D. Ragan, Ariane Middel, Nadya Bliss, David White, Hans Hagen, Ross Maciejewski
A Collaborative Web-Based Environmental Data Visualization and Analysis Framework. In A. Middel, K. Rink, G. H. Weber (eds.): Workshop on Visualization in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), pp. 25-29, 2015, doi: 10.2312/envirvis.20151087. BibTeX


Jonas Lukasczyk, Ariane Middel, Hans Hagen
WebGL-based Geodata Visualization for Policy Support and Decision Making. In Proc. Workshop on Visualization and Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), O. Kolditz, K. Rink, G. Scheuermann (Eds.), 2014.