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iGREEN is a service and knowledge network for the agriculture. 24 partners from science, industry and public form this network to collect their knowledge in plant production.The main goal of the project is an electronic and visual assistant which supports the farmers during their work.iGreen is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research(BMBF).

Project Description (PDF)

Cartography of Mars in a Virtual Reality Environment

This work aims to investigate the suitability of applying Virtual Reality techniques in the exploration of Mars terrain features in order to support the creation of topographic maps of the planet.

Kooperationsvertrag Forschungseinrichtung Simulations- und Softwaretechnik (2009)

Graduiertenkolleg Visualization of Large and Unstructured Data Sets. Applications in Geospatial Planning, Modelling and Engineering (2009)

The emphasis of the project is on visualization of extensive and unstructured data amounts using computer graphics. The international research training group cooperates with the University of California (Davis and Irvine), Arizona State University and the University of Utah.

Hard- und Softwarebetreuung innerhalb der EA (2009)

Maintenance of servers, clients and print servers

STREET3D (2008-2010)

Street3D realizes the computation and visualization of pollution concentration based on traffic in cities. This algorithm not only provides a high resolution but also works in real-time. For both experts as well as inexperienced user, this method offers support for planning decisions and shows them a detailed visualization of the pollution in their area of interest via latest interactive graphic hardware. Project leader: Achim Ebert

VISMASTER (2008-2010)

VisMaster is a European coordination project, which focuses on Visual Analytics. The objective is to create a European visual analytics community and to define a research roadmap in cooperation with more than 25 European partners. Project leader: Achim Ebert

TUBUS-PRO (2008-2009)

In the project TUBUS-PRO, a tutor-system is developed and implemented for the appraisal of trans-rectal ultra sonic sound data of the prostate. Finding a suitable visualization and a graphical user interface which meets the needs for practical application is one of the main goals, and also updates of different appraisals should be integraded in the system,

NetVis – Konzeption und Implementierung neuer Visualisierungsmetaphern (2008-2009)

Assigned by Lufthansa Systems Airline Services GmbH, new visualization and interaction methods are planned and implemented to be used in airline management. Project leader: Achim Ebert

ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Analyzer) (2008-2009)

The objective of ANNA is to design a framework in order to be able to analyze ultrasound images via signal processing and the use of artificial intelligence methods. Project leader: Achim Ebert

Visiting Professor (2008)

Visiting Professor Stefanie Hamann

Virtual Reality Lifecycle Management (ViLMa) (2008)

iACT (2007-2009) Multi-Channel Interaction in Virtual Environments

The objective of iACT is to research, develop and evaluate tools and strategies to be able to understand and support interaction with big displays. Furthermore, collaboration between multiple users is examined. The main research areas are: Design and evaluation of visual metaphors for big, immersive displays, design and evaluation of adequate interaction methods for these displays, conception of collaboration supporting visual metaphors and interaction techniques.

[B:3D] – Synthese aus Informatik und Architektur zur dreidimensionalen Lösung komplexer Szenarien im Entwurf und Bauprozess (2007-2008)

In cooperation with department of architecture (Jun.-Prof. Dirk Bayer), this projects allows to show 3D visualizations and 3D plots of architectural space. Exemplarily, problem assignments of structural design, concepts and new forms are adopted to problem areas in Kaiserslautern in cooperation with the city of Kaiserslautern.

SIMPHONI (2007-2010)

Synthese aus Informatik und Archtektur zur Lösung komplexer Szenarien im Entwurf und Bauprozess (2007)

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2007)

Entw. v. Visualisierungskomponenten für CAD-Systeme (2007)

EMMA-LI (2006-2007)

eMMA MDM is a system to administrate measuring plans. Access to its data or visibility is controlled by a role oriented user and rights administration. eMMA MDM is worldwide used by BMW Group as backbone for 3D coordinate measuring technology. This project provides web based access to eMMA MDM systems server to integrate measuring technology suppliers.

Audio-visuelles Virtual-Reality-Darstellungssystem (2006)

This project is realized in cooperation with Fraunhofer ITWM. A virtual reality demonstration system will be created, in which a room can be explored optically and acoustically before finally being created. Research focus is on physically correct calculation of the sound field in a virtual room and the intuitive visualization of acoustic quality criteria.

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2006)

Entwicklung einer generischen, parametrisierbaren Plattform zur Informationsvisualisierung in Produktionssystemen (2006)

The objective of this project is to develop a generic visualization platform, which serves as basis for concrete visualization applications for productions systems. The visualization platform provides adjustable visualization tools which contribute to the reduction of complexity of human-machine-interaction.

KOMPLETT – Entwicklung und Kombination von innovativen Systemkomponenten aus Verfahrenstechnik, Informationstechnologie und Keramik zu einer nachhaltigen Schlüsseltechnologie für Wasser- und Stoffkreisläufe (2005-2008)

The objective of this project is to integrate latest developments of different sectors to an innovative key technology creating a decentralized, telemonitored and intelligent system with closed material flow. Therefore, amongst others, an intelligent diagnostics and visualizations system is created allowing simple and needs-based control of complex process control systems.

Audio-visuelles Virtual-Reality-Darstellungssystem (2005)

Entw. v. Visualisierungskomponenten für CAD-Systeme (2005)

Professional CAD systems are complex and have many configuration options. That is why the industry developed a need for a platform independent tool which allows to chose project environments and options and subsequently start the required application with these chosen options. That is why an adequate tool will be developed in Java using swing libraries to assure platform independence.

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2005)

Graduiertenkolleg (2005)

The IRTG Visualization of Large and Unstructured Data Sets, Applications in Geospatial Planning, Modeling and Engineering is the first German-American International Research Training in the area of computer science in Germany.

KoVir Kontinuierliche Verbesserung von Produktionsanlagen und -prozessen (KVP) mitVirtual Reality(2005-2006)

The project is realized in cooperation with Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnik und Betriebsorganisation (FBK) and AG Computergeometrie. KoVir allows reducing unwanted downtime as well as enhancement of evaluation possibilities accomplishing workshops through VR-technology. VR means Virtual Reality and describes a computer technology that enables the user to create and visualize virtual environments consisting of computer generated three dimensional objects.

@VISOR – Adaptive Dynamic Visual Semantic Organizing (2004-2006)

This project deals with context and content adaptive visualization, multimodal interaction and immersion conservation as well as with navigation in manipulative virtual worlds.

EMMA-FE – Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten für das eMMA-System (2004-2005)

eMMA is an administration system, designed to support measurement and testing processes in quality management. EMMA-FE facilitates connections to a statistics server. This server provides information for external systems. Therefore, data has to be edited and linked to the statistics server. Furthermore, a test report is generated and saved as PDF document. Besides, an XML based interchange format is defined.

Audio-visuelles Virtual-Reality-Darstellungssystem (2004)

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2004)

visualisierung in Produktionssystemen (2004)

Entw. U. Aufbau eines hapt. Mensch Maschine Interface als (2004)

Visualisierung nichtlinearer Vektorfeldtopologie (-2004)

For this project, models as well as algorithmic fundamentals were developed which allows non-linear structures in vector fields.

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2003)

Multimediales Informationssystem (2003)

Ent. Einer gen. Parametrisierbaren Plattform z. Informationsvisualisierung in Produktionssystemen (2003)

Entw. U. Aufbau eines hapt. Mensch Maschine Interface als neuart. Werkzeug z. erw. Einsatz v. Simulation bei Entwicklungs- und Produktionsvorgängen (2003)

Tra Managerialita e multimedialita (2003)

Gastprofessur Nielson (2003)

DaMaVis (2003-2006)

The objective is to develop a system to administrate, process und visualize data. DaMaVis is flexible and has the ability to communicate with all current systems.

EPOS Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces (2003)

The project EPOS started as a collaboration of two areas of research, "knowledge management" of Prof. Dr. Dengel and "intelligent visualization and simulation" of Prof. Dr. Hagen. The goal of EPOS is the evolution of the working place of a user to its personal knowledge space considering its own different native information structure.A cooperation with other knowledge places in the company provides a kind of global memory of the company.The visualization of the information structure is part of the work of Prof. Dr. Hagen's group.

SIMILAR – Skalierbare Informationsvisualisierung auf mobilen Endgeräten zur effizienten Informationsvermittlung und betrieblichen Leistungssteigerung im Bereich von Abwasseranlagen (2003-2003)

Increasing quality standards in drains combined with diverse constraints have led to a multitude of proceeding techniques. The information sources are integrated in a mobile visualization and information system. This system provides context specific and demand oriented information.

Prozessvisualisierung Völklinger Hütte (2002)

In this project a digital model was generated from parts of the Völklinger Hütte. The visualization of the digital model allows the visitors to get an overview of the working process. Also, the management gets support for construction planning via an immediate visual response of possible decisions. The project was realized using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and a Plug-in for the Web browser that can deal with VRML.

Belt design (2002)

A Human Factors Application are to realize a service for the simulation and evaluation of seat belt routings over virtual human occupants. For a given vehicle geometry different seat belt routings are computed by incorporating user specific design guidelines, anthropometric data of passengers, kinematic data of the belt system, and possible anchor points of the belt system with the vehicle geometry. By comparing the simulation results for different locations of the anchorage points as well as by varying anthropometric dimensions of the occupants, a given design might be improved considering a desired group of buyers. This is of great importance, since vehicle seat belt efficiency directly relates to the anthropometric dimensions and the seat belt geometric design.

Control and Animation of Cognitive Characters in Virtual Environments (CON­TACT) (2002-2005)

In order to reduce prototype costs and to increase product quality, factor human is early factored in product development, workflow analysis and workstation ergonomics. The problem is that simulation and animation of human models in this application area is very complex. That is why the objective of CONTACT is to allow reducing these efforts and its costs via artificial intelligence (KI). The user will be able to provide the tasks which will be fulfilled by virtual characters. These virtual characters will then decide based on their knowledge and with KI methods which actions and motion sequences will be performed

Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvertrag (2002)

Multimediales Informationssystem (2002)

Entw. U. Aufbau eines hapt. Mensch Maschine Interface als neuart. Werkzeug z. erw. Einsatz v. Simulation bei Entwicklungs- und Produktionsvorgängen (2002)

eMMA (enhanced Measure Management Application) (2002)

The objective of this project is to visually support Messplanung and the analysis of measurement results in quality control in automobile industry. The necessary tools will be integrated into a consistent user interface. This interface allows an efficient change administration and an enhancement of work environment concerning planning stage, accomplishment and interpretation of measurements.

IMA – Integrated Quality Control in Car Manufacturing (2001-2002)

Skalierbare automatisierte Feldanalyse und - visualisierung (2001)

In this project, an automatic, scalable analysis of a field was developed, which provides a faster debriefing of the field data. With the support of bigger simulations, the method is suitable for practical use.

4D-Ultraschallrekonstruktion des Herzens bei freier Schallkopfposition und Anlotung aus mehreren Richt. (2001)

Entw. v. Visualisierungskomponenten für CAD-Systeme (2001)

VIRTUAL TRY-ON – Virtuelle Bekleidungsanprobe (2001-2004)

Virtual Try On realizes a prototype which enables the customer to visualize catalogs individually. Therefore, the virtual twin of the costumer is dressed with clothes, that are generated via specific, intelligent morphing methods.

Entw. ein. Objektor. Kerns. Z. Visualisierung sich zeitlich (2000)

Skalierbare automatisierte Feldanalyse und - visualisierung (2000)

4D-Ultraschallrekonstruktion des Herzens bei freier Schallkopfposition und Anlotung aus mehreren Richt. (2000)

The goal of this project is the improvement of the 4D reconstruction via ultrasonic sound of the heart. Thereby, the main focus is on the realistic presentation of the heart to obtain a clinical acceptance for the exact quantization of the left-ventricular and the left-atrial volume as well as the left-ventricular myocardial mass.

AIT-VEPOP – Advanced Information Technology: Virtual Early Prototyping Open Platform (2000-2004)

The objective of this project is to demonstrate the impact of virtual reality techniques on distributed design and work processes. In order to create a low cost solution, standard hardware and software is used. The distributed VR is the key tool to allow direct feedback and an interactive product data analysis. The data is extracted from existing CAD/PDM infrastructures. Furthermore, the project facilitates supplier and customer integration.

Virtual Reality Visualisation System (1998-2001)

The objective of the project is to develop and implement modern, object oriented VR visualization, based on scientific visualization, multimedia and VR techniques. Specifications such as modularity, platform independence, easy expandability, interactive behavior and automatic adjustments to available processing power are considered.

Simulation und Visualisierung von Fehlerdaten

The goal of this project is the development and implementation of a system development environment that allows the automatic generation of diagnostic data bases for the real-time diagnostic of a space ship via a simulation model of the system. The developed software is embedded into a superior software system to ensure the reuse of old system knowledge.


Cooperation Entwicklungsagentur Rheinland-Pfalz

Smart Structures

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Center for Mathematical and Computational Modelling