IRTG 2057

International Research Training Group of the University of Kaiserslautern:

logo irtg2057 nl invert2 The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved International Research Training Group (IRTG) “Physical Modeling for Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Processes“, began on 01 July 2014.
Partner University of the University of  Kaiserslautern, is the University of California, with its locations in Berkeley and Davis. It is Germany’s first international graduate program in the field of production engineering. The aim of the research in the college is to provide the planning of production on a new basis. Production is already planned from a single machine to a complete factory with the help of computer models. What these models are lacking, is a description of the actual physical properties. Based on such models, it will be possible to calculate key properties of a production line as the quality of the products or the energy consumption of a factory in advance and to perform targeted improvements. In particular, the physical interactions of the three levels: factory, machine and process are to be considered.

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